Category: 1950-present

Sarah Liu

Sarah is the lead marketing expert who has made the project heard to the world. She manages SEO, Advertisement and Marketing of our projects.

Dylan Mu

Dylan has lead the team throughout the whole development. He managed the team and recruited most of the team members.


SB Man is the main developer of Game Hacker. He led and guided the team to develop Game Hacker. It is his idea to seed Game Hacker.


SB Game Hacker is developed by me and partners. It is made for players to edit any android game to make it more entertaining and fun. It opens up more option of any game which is already present but not


SB Game Hacker supports nearly all games on Android. It is updated regularly to make sure all games are compatible with it.


SB Game Hacker is completely free to use and download. All you have to do is complete an offer on the THIRD PARTY website which also doesn’t cost you.


Game Hacker is very easy to use. It is simply designed to make sure kids do not have problem operating it